SEO for Contractors

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a very valuable investment when your potential customers are looking for your services. SEO includes optimizing your website and the content on your website to be easy and digestible information that starts with keywords you want to rank for.

SEO is always changing, therefore, general contracting services that practice SEO and aim for a successful campaign can include some of the following elements:

  • Increase your local visibility through local search terms
  • Citation Indexation
  • Link Building
  • Technical errors that might harming the performance of your website
  • Brand strategy
  • Useful content
  • PR and media outreach

While this is not a complete list of a successful SEO campaign for contracting and home builder SEO it’s a good start.

What Industries Would Benefit From SEO for General Contractors

  • General contractors
  • Remodelers
  • Electricians
  • Flooring companies
  • Contractor franchises
  • Restoration companies
  • Roofers
  • HVAC contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Window and door companies

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Strategies to an SEO Campaign

Planning Stage

search tools

To succeed at SEO we first begin by doing an extensive audit of how the website performs.

Finding out where the website is performing well we will be able to focus at increasing that performance while we work on the areas that need improvement.

Have a poor performing website can be somewhat common, especially when it comes to not having a strategy for the SEO. Next, we look at areas that are harming the website which can include technical issues, thinly published content and pages that should be taken off the website.

Strategies help develop round-out the various expectations and define goals to maximize your success. Some work better than others but that all really depends on your companies business goals.

Just to name a few. (see: Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses)

Technical Issues

The technical stage includes finding error codes that will inhibit a Googlebot from being able to crawl and understand the page effectively. Although technical issues can be somewhat cumbersome most are small minor issues that can be fixed quickly. Luckily, we have the resources and experience to know of some of the most common major technical issues.

Local SEO

Where does your business rank in Google Maps? Also known as: The Map Pack. We help optimize your local listings and places where your business information is currently listed at and optimize each one to be consistent to one another. (see: What is NAP and Why Is it Important?)

Don’t have a Google My Business listing? That’s okay! We can help you create and verify a Google My Business listing during the intake process.

Brand Strategy

Having a positive feeling to your brand requires a lot of work. Building brand equity and branding your services comes with different levels of thinking.

Some elements to producing a successful brand:

  • What are your company’s core values?
  • What’s your mission statement?
  • What are some unique value propositions about your contracting business?

Don’t have any core values for your contracting business? No problem! We can help you create them.

Link Building

Building links from other high-authority websites can be the difference of ranking on the top of page two to ranking on the first page of organic search results.

Link building requires a lot of investment to build a strong link portfolio but can be the break out factor to ranking above your competitors.

Content Strategy

A major impact to not driving traffic involves not targeting the correct keywords and not producing relevant content. Evergreen content topics are a great channel to choose for a content strategy. Evergreen content involves common searches like “how much to remodel my kitchen” or “what’s the best way to build a deck”, with these keywords you can produce content for your audience that will strengthen your brand and organic traffic.

Our content services will include:

  • Create useful and engaging content
  • Produce infographics and aesthetically pleasing imagery
  • Optimized for search
  • Written by contractor experts
  • Shared on all social channels

Advantages of General Contractor SEO

There are an enormous amount of opportunities for General Contractors SEO.

People use search engines as a medium to identifying a problem that needs to be solved.

With SEO, the person creates the need and by using general contractor SEO you can identify that need and solve that need.

SEO for contractors will gain you “free” or “organic” traffic to your website that will present different areas to inform your visitors of why you are the best contractor to hire for their service.

Tactics You Can Use

SEO for contractors provides you with different levels of creative thinking and problem solving. Some might include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Link Building

Disadvantages of General Contractor SEO

It may all seem to be good to be true.

“You’re telling me I can gain free business with SEO?”

While I would love for that to be true, it’s not all true. While SEO for contractors in great investment, it is just that.

It’s an investment.

SEO for contractors takes time and is not always guaranteed to get you the client that entails a million dollar remodel.

What I can say based on my experience, will be that to set the expectation that SEO will be a long-term game.

It requires patience and attention. If you allow us to continually manage your website we can offer different areas of SEO strategy that creates a number of different door fronts of business.

Search engines are a business.

Therefore, they have the autonomy to change their ranking algorithm that may inhibit where you rank.

But, as a person that has witnessed these changes there is always a way to come back from a significant rankings decrease.

Best SEO Strategy for Contracting

I love this question, because a lot of contracting business do not consider this when it comes to SEO.

Some of these questions you can ask yourself:

  • What does a qualified client look like when hiring my contracting business?
  • What are the target markets I want to identify with my contractor SEO strategy?
  • If I already have a website, what can I look for areas of opportunity?
  • Why should I hire someone to manage my contractor SEO efforts?

While this is not a complete list of questions, these are some of the questions that I often answer when being considered to manage a website.

Hire an Experienced SEO For Contractor

By hiring a The Webmasons we have the experience to manage your SEO efforts and get you ranking on search engines.

By investing in SEO you can begin to generate qualified web traffic and gain business.

Contact The Webmasons today to set up a time to identify and understand your online marketing needs.

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