Pay-per-Click (PPC) for General Contracting

Google Ads are a great strategy for generating results much faster than other digital marketing efforts. The key to a good advertisement is creating a landing page that has a great quality score. By creating a better quality score you have the advantage bidding for a lower cost-per-click (CPC). Our pay-per-click efforts will include some of the following:

  • Bid on the keywords for the type of work you would like to take
  • Create a landing page that generates a high quality score
  • Rank above the organic results and get the phones ringing quick!

Although, you can create a strategic social media campaign with ads. Most users will look for a contracting service through a search engine, that’s where you can see the maximum ROI for your Google Ad campaigns.

How Does a Google Ad Campaign Work?

To begin, it all starts with someone searching for terms like best contractor near me or [contractor + geographic area].

Then, comes the auction. The more that the search comes the more your competition will want to bid on that specific keyword.

Then, based on the quality of your landing page for that specific search term then comes how relevant will that landing page be to the search time.

Different Keyword Match Types

Bidding on keywords will not get you noticed on Google Ads. Instead you have to consider the types of keywords that are considered. Such as:

  • Exact match
  • Broad match
  • Broad match modifier
  • Negative match
  • Phrase match

How Will They Show My Ad?

You will need to consider where your ad ranks with the keywords you bid on in the Google auction.

Google will look at the maximum bid and the quality score of your landing page.

The Webmasons can develop strong landing page with great content that will increase your quality score and will help you rank high where Ads are shown.

The Google Ads Equation: Ad Rank = CPC Bid x Quality Score


THe cost-per-click (CPC) bid will consist of the maximum bid that you want to pay for that keyword

Quality Score

The quality of the page that you are trying to advertise plays a big factor in how Google will rank your ad.

The quality score consists of how relevant your ad will be to a person searching for your contracting business services.

Let The Webmasons Help Your Google Ad Campaign

There can be a lot of moving parts with running an ad campaign on a search engine.

The Webmasons are data mining gurus that can identify keywords to bid on to help get you leads and create new contracting business opportunities for you.

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