Contractor Email Marketing

You will often hear some say, “email marketing for contracting services doesn’t work” or, “email marketing for my contracting services is dead”.

There is a common fallacy, that those that get email from a business automatically delete the email and just ghost the content.

While, some will do just that, remember that generating a strong contracting content strategy can help generate leads through an email marketing strategy for your contracting business.

Email Marketing for Contractors 101

Email marketing can be great for generating leads from your website.

Simply offer your visitors a chance to subscribe to a newsletter, offer discounts or coupons for your contracting services, a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) email or benefits to hiring a contractor for a remodel or service.

There are a lot of effective tools that can be used to do an “email blast” for those email captures and promote not only your content, but also your business.

Some useful attributes that makes up an email campaign:

  • Produce engaging info graphics that give that top-level type information to contracting services
  • Offer checklists for DIY checklists
  • Create innovative DIY checklists
  • Offer discounts or coupons for your content services
  • Promote certain events that your company will be involved in the community
  • Create a following on social media
  • Follow-up with those that have inquired about your business

Email Marketing and Promoting Your Brand

Creating impressions with your brand (people that open your email) is important to generating leads online for your contracting work.

While, you will need to adhere to the laws of email marketing and give subscribers the opportunity to opt-out, you can still produce content that will create opportunities to generate online leads.

Contractor marketing services through an email campaign begins the conversation with your customers and understanding the skills and experiences that your business creates.

The Webmasons Can Help Your Contractor Email Marketing Campaigns

The Webmasons can help produce a emails that will get you business.

If you are interested we offer low-prices for email marketing campaigns for your contracting business.

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