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The Webmasons want to build a unique link profile for your website. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Check out our prices below.

Link Building for SEO and Service Professionals

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Link building is one of the top ranking factors for any SEO strategy. Links will help with your “off-page SEO” efforts and can add some great authority to your website. Link building is more of marathon than a sprint and should be treated as an asset. Or as The Webmason likes to put it a “linkable asset”. 

How Will Link Building Help My Website?

Our goal will be to build links as naturally as possible. There is no short-cut to success with link building and requires time to analyze the value of the link. 

Backlinking to another website can carry weight to the overall value of a website and help you rank higher in the search results. For example, by adding backlinks to certain pages of your contractor website you will be able to rank for keywords that are highly competitive in the contracting niche. 

What Are Backlinks for Contractors?

A backlink is when another website places a link pointing back to your contractor website. It signals to a search engine that you are a resource for information. For example, if someone quoted your general contractor business in a publication and link back to your site so other readers would like to get more information. 

From a search bot standpoint – links help signal search engines as to why they are linking to and if it is quality content. Link building and your content strategy can be considered a linear relationship.

The Do's and Don'ts of Link Building for Contractors

We can begin with the bad and what you are not supposed to do with building links to your contractor website. Link building for general contractors needs to be done carefully and strategically. A bad link can equal a bad day if done without experience and evaluation of link. Always consider a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to adding a link to your general contractor website. 


  • Buy links
  • Link to Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  • Build on low-quality sites
  • Link to sites that are not relevant to your niche (e.g., HVAC roofing professionals)
  • Create spammy link text anchors (e.g., Denver general contractor near me)
  • A high velocity of backlinks in a short amount of time


  • High authority websites
  • Websites that carry topical relevance
  • Websites that generate organic traffic
  • Links that are naturally acquired

Each month you should work on yielding enough links that will build authority over a longer-period of time. Maintaining a steady gain of links each month will show Google or any search engine that you deserve to rank higher in the search results because you are a great resource of information.

What We Offer

We will create a link building strategy to increase the authority to your dentist website. Links will include a bundle of different types of links to increase the diversity and to help differentiate between you and your competitors. 

Link Building Services

Basic Package

$ 999
per month
  • 10 Links
  • DA > 40
  • Organic Traffic > 1,000 /mo
  • 90-day Campaign


$ 1,497
per month
  • 15 links
  • DA > 41-50
  • Organic traffic > 1,500 /mo
  • 90-day campaign
Best Value


$ 2997
per month
  • 30 links
  • DA > 60
  • Organic traffic > 2,000 /mo
  • 90-day Campaign
  • ~2 free .edu backlinks


Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Links build authority and will help you rank – it takes a skillful person that has experience in SEO to build a diverse link profile. 

Unfortunately, we offer link building as a separate service. Our reason: link building is very labor intensive but very valuable activity. We take the time to qualify and “vett” link opportunities that will serve white hat SEO and make you a competitor in your target market.

We offer a number of creative solutions to maximize the value of the link profile. We target specific top-level-domain (TLDs) types, find sponsored content ideas, and ways to partener the link building with your PR. The list is quite extensive but our link builidn strategies will cover a whole lot more.

To be frank, it’s mainly labor cost. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before placing a link or starting a link building campaign. On average we spend 4-5 hours on prospecting for links per campaign. Remember – link building is a long term game.

Yep! We don’t stop until the link placement agreement is met. Or, you get your money back; no questions asked.

The Power of Link Building

Link builders have the odds against them. 

1 %
SEOs Consider Link Building a top KPI for Web Performance
1 %
Of Businesses Hire Outside Agencies or Freelancers to Perform Link Building
1 %
Of SEOs Don't Think Links Matter (we disagree)
1 %
Of SEOs Think Link Building is the Hardest Part About SEO
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