Best Contractor Marketing Ideas

In this post, I will suggest the best ideas for growing your contractor marketing. Contractor marketing is not only about meeting the needs of your customers but also how you differentiate yourself from the leading competitors in your market.

How Will Contractor Marketing Help My Business?

Contractor marketing is about generating exposure through all the various online channels for your business. Marketing should not be limited to that of just online services, but should also involve extensive PR and community support to propel a positive look on the branding aspect of your business.

What’s Your Budget For Online Marketing?

Best Contractor Websites [2020]

In this post, I have taken the time to find the best websites for general contractors. These websites will vary between different marketing services that are offered. Some might include:

  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Carpentery
  • Plumbing
  • and others!

Websites are crucial to driving your online traffic. You may have great content and a great search presence with a ton of valuable links to build your authority. However, having a great website can delight your customers and help them get a feel for the type of business they are looking for.

With the analysis of some of these websites we will look at:

  • The design and user-experience
  • Is it SEO friendly?
  • Photography
  • Trustworthiness

While this is not a complete list of great websites for general contracting businesses this will give you a good idea of how you want your audience to feel when they land on your various pages.

Let’s jump in!

PPC for Contractors – Will it be worth the CPC?

Advertise Your Contractor Business on Search Engines

Running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for the various contractor services you offer can offer immediate results.

While SEO is more of a long-term investment and has a greater ROI – PPC campaigns can get you customers at a faster-rate.

Why Should I Do PPC as a Contractor?

The big benefit to running a PPC campaign allows you to go after your target audience based on your business goals.

PPC campaigns are great for targeting a specific audience in a specific market and getting them to convert faster. The goal to a PPC campaign will be to generate high-quality traffic that converts at a fast rate. This is where keyword research becomes so important.

Keyword research is very versatile and gives you the flexibility to run multiple ads for different levels of keywords.

Is a Google Ad Campaign the Best for a PPC Campaign?

Most of the time when you hear “pay-per-click” or “ppc” campaign you may think of Google as the best resource to get your results and customers.

While some of this is true you don’t have to limit your PPC efforts to just Google. There are plenty of search engines like Bing and Yahoo that can offer a lower CPC for your campaigns.

Google generates a massive amount of search traffic in a given year, so this why most choose to use Google because it will give you a maximum level of exposure and produce some quality traffic and leads to your site.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Contractors

What is the Difference Between Content Strategy and Content Marketing?

You may have heard this from other marketers and have gotten confused about some of the phrasing.

Although similar, content marketing for contractors and content strategy for contractors are two separate entities, therefore, providing their own unique set of values.

Let’s jump in.

Defining Content Strategy

According to, content strategy deals with the internal processes of your content and how you want your audience to perceive the information that you are providing to them.

That is why as a contracting business it is important to define your core values and unique value propositions within your overall business goals.

These are important because they will tailor how you will write and publish your content for your readers. Think about strategy as the overall goal you are trying to achieve within your current marketing goals.

Defining Content Marketing

Content marketing deals with how you produce content to your website. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Info graphics
  • Downloadable Guides

In fact, content marketing generates 3 times more leads than other channels of marketing like billboards or TV ads.

Now how can you tie both content strategy and content marketing into your business goals? Simple, turn the vision of the content strategy and content marketing and turn it into a content marketing strategy.

Hire us and we can develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will help build your web traffic.

Developing the Benefits of Content Marketing for Contractors

Create a Foundation of Trust

Creating and constructing content that provides value to your readers will be a good starting point to laying a foundation of trust with your content.

Building trust with your readers through easy-to-digest content will help speed up the intake process

These do not have to be constricted to a certain way of delivering the information but instead can involve a number of different methods. Some can include:

  • DIY home project videos
  • How-to blog posts
  • Product Reviews

Creating informative information that does not contain a lot of erroneous information will help customers understand the value of your services and how they will be communicated with. Establishing trust early in the content marketing strategy will be essential to developing that informative content.

Define Your Audience

Understanding your readers and the demographics (age, sex, gender, etc.) will help curate the type of content that you develop.

Defining this early on, like age and income, for example will help qualify leads early on in the sales funnel.

By defining your audience and curating a content marketing strategy around certain contractor marketing services that you provide will help with getting readers to submit a form, make a phone call or ask for directions on your Google My Business listing.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

First, you need to understand your business goals and the areas of your business where you would like to grow the most. Below are simple steps to developing a rounding out the content marketing strategy.


Setting goals helps understand what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to increase your organic traffic? Create a stronger brand awareness through a social media campaign? Defining goals will help round out the content that is being produced and save you some time.

Keyword Research

Keyword research looks at the different search queries and search volume surrounding those keywords.

Pro Tip: Use Content Gap to find out what topics your competitors are producing compared to your website


Understanding who you are speaking to will allow you write towards your audience. Look at your web traffic and find out the demographics that are reading or viewing your content on your website.

Then, you can define your target audience and gear your strategy towards this audience.

Create Content Banks

Content banks take some time to compile but will help you in the long-term when it comes to publishing content on a consistent basis. Look at industry experts and keyword research that targets high search volume / low competition or high competition / high search volume. Mixing up the content will take a higher-level of thinking but can create high quality content that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Quality Content

Based on my experience in search marketing I have found that quality content converts at a higher rate. Quality content for general contracting services can include:

  • Statistics
  • Higher word count
  • Relevancy
  • Creating unique content based on your experience working the industry

When it comes to thinking of quality content – think about what you provide (unique value propositions) that your competitors content doesn’t.

Re-optimizing Your General Contracting Content

General contractor content matures over time and requires time to go back and find different opportunities to improve the content.

Have a high performing page that generates a lot of traffic? Insert a form that will increase your leads and insert some keywords, but don’t keyword stuff your content!

Hire The Webmasons to Create a Content Strategy

The Webmasons have experience developing content marketing strategies for general contractors. We can help identify opportunities and develop a plan to increase your web leads. Contact us today.

Local SEO for General Contractors

Why General Contractors and Local SEO *Click*

General contractors need to understand the results local SEO can be for new business. A big challenge to local SEO for general contractors arises from the amount of competition in the area. Often times, SEO can take a while to gear up based on how long you have been around.

Local SEO can be a major online storefront for your service area businesses. There are three main reasons local SEO can increase your general contractor business: 

Build Citations to Keep NAP Consistency

NAP or Name, Address, and Phone – not only is important in keeping these details about your business accurate it can also help you rank better between the local map pack and the organic results. 

What is NAP?

NAP refers to the name, address and phone number to any business entity. Personally, I consider NAP to be beneficial because they occur naturally as your marketing progresses. Not only is it important as a ranking factor but it is also important for your brand when a person is looking for the best general contracting service. 

Additionally, signaling to you Googlebots the oversight of “Suite A” vs. “Bldg. A” will confuse the bot and create an impression that different home builder businesses exist. Secondly, by keeping consistent you will avoid any type of negative perception for those looking to give you their business. 

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Moz citation signals rank in the top 5 of the more important ranking factors to consider.

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Create and Verify Your Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business listing is free and easy to do. You can create a listing and then Google will send a postcard to the physical address within 5 business days and then boom. You now have created a local storefront for your potential customers. 

Optimizing a Google My Business listing can be somewhat challenging and it’s important to keep all the information current and up to date. 

Create Evergreen Content

 Before creating and publishing content on your website you should consider the following: 

  • What areas of my general contracting business do I get the most business from?
  • What areas of my general contracting services need improvement? 
  • Where are some areas that I would like to increase and drive business to? 

Content helps get you web traffic and increases the chance of a potential customer choosing your for that bathroom remodel. 

Steps for Selecting Your General Contractor Keywords

Step 1: Choose Relevant General Contractor Keywords

Deciding what keywords to use and doing the keyword research can give you an idea of what type of content should be on your website. For example, general keywords such as “kitchen remodel services” or “best basement renovations” will produce search results that are optimized for that type of content.

Let us perform the keyword research for you – request a quote.

When it comes to keyword research your keywords will serve two different types of purposes: 

  • Transactional intent: this type of search will be potential customers that are looking to hire a general contractor, plumber, HVAC services, etc. Why is this important? Intent serves the purpose of knowing how to curate your content to optimize for the search results. 
  • Informational intent: this type of search usually entails a question being asked to a search engine. Where the intent is mostly about gathering information and more of a research process. However, there is data to support that this type of content will actually convert at a higher rate based on the quality of the content. 

Step 2: Optimize the Content

Once you have a decent amount of primary keywords and secondary keywords that you want to begin ranking for, create some content on your website and add them where you can to your citation listings. 

Google My Business

Some areas that can help bump up the local ranking for your general contractor services will include: 

  • Adding categories
  • Adding products/services section
  • Publishing Google My Business posts frequently
  • Adding keywords to business description
  • Having clients use keywords in their reviews

How to Optimize Your General Contractor Website Content

Be sure to find areas where you can add keywords to pages on your website. This is always a must for older and newer posts that you optimize. 

Step 3: Create Citations and Links

As stated above, create citations and NAP consistency is a big signal when it comes to a ranking factor. Citations give a great perception to your audience that you are there to help. 

Step 4: Generate Reviews

Adding reviews to your Google My Business listing and other citation listings sends a positive image for your potential customers. Showing them and allowing them that first-impression helps building trust with your audience.

Step 5: Set-up Local Reporting

Reporting tools like BrightLocal offer a number of different benefits when it comes to checking keyword rankings. The dashboard is a pretty-easy set up and offers other tools like reputation management, citation tracking, analytic reports, etc.

7 Best Citation Websites For Contractors

Finding the best citation websites to list your contractor business can be tough due to the size of the internet.

The internet is big. Really big.

In the pre-internet days you would find general contractors listing their business contact information in phonebooks.

Now you turn to online directories to find local service area professionals. Some of the best citation websites for contractors will provide a ton of information and be able to describe the business and some positive or negative feedback about that business.

These are known as citations or a directory listing.

I have outlined below some of the best online directories your business should be listed on. 

While there are a plentiful amount of directories to list your contracting business information on I have outlined below some the best contractor citation listings to have your business name, address and phone number to post on.

While most are free there are some that have a “premium” or “paid” type of listing that you can opt-in for and most of the time I would recommend going after these as you might not see the highest ROI on these “premium” listings.

Instead, if you are interested in running some online advertisements then you should consider running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for your general contractor keywords.

Best Citation Websites to List Your General Contractor Information

Being a general contractor is a busy profession that requires a lot of attention to detail and tight deadlines.

I understand how time consuming internet marketing can be that is why I have taken the time to give you a head start on the best websites to publish your general contractor business information.

Google My Business

This is essential for your business and SEO.

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) listing is quick, free and easy.

Simply, head to to get started and fill out all the required fields.

Then, you will need to snail-mail a postcard to your business address to verify the business storefront does in fact exist.

An optimized GMB listing can be the differential between you ranking on the first page of a local search compared to ranking on the second page.

Don’t forget about those reviews!


Yelp helps local business get found and you can also work on getting reviews here.

Although, Yelp has a very strict filter for placing reviews for businesses it is still worth trying and covering all your channels.

Reviews are a major deciding factor when it comes to hiring a general or independent contractor for work.

If you are looking to up your SEO contracting game, Yelp is important to be listed on so you can get other domains linking to your listing.

This often referred to as “barnacle SEO” – which very few contractors practice with their SEO efforts.

The Webmasons can help with that.


If you don’t already have a business page set up with all the contact information website you should do that as soon as possible.

Not only are search engine signals strong with having a business page on Facebook but you can also create a popular social following.

Additionally, Facebook has an Ad Manager platform that is fairly straightforward to use and is great for a branding campaign or spending ads on a tight budget.

Angie’s List

Perhaps one of the more important citations to consider in the general contractor industry would be

With over 6 million organic visitors a month you will want to add your business to obtain the citation.

Additionally, Angie’s List is relevant to that of your business and will help put you in front of your competitors.

Lastly, you have a chance to gain some reviews via Angie’s List and rounding out the review profile for your business.

In some cases, Google has been known to find other reviews from citation sources to show visitors.


Similar to Angie’s List, houses (no pun intended) a similar directory listing to post your business information.

Specific to your contracting services you provide and over 5 million users visit this site organically a month!

Within this directory you can create a professional looking profile that showcases the work you have done. That means you have the ability to add a portfolio to show off to your audience.


HomeAdvisor is a must. In fact, many in the general contracting industry claim that they have seen a good amount of volume for their business when it comes to lead generation.

Additionally, Google My Business has been know to help promote some of the reviews you can obtain through this directory listing.

So let The Webmasons help with building out your professional citation profiles.


LinkedIn has continued to grow over the years. Although, similar to Facebook business page, LinkedIn allows you to create a company page and share content and attract followers to your beautifully written content.

LinkedIn is also a great resource for trying to attract other businesses that are looking for a general contracting business to hire. Simply, add your name, address, phone number and run a strategic email marketing campaign to generate some followers and then you can increase your social following.

Ready to Start Creating Your Citations?

At The Webmasons, we have the knowledge, know-how and experience to start generating optimized citation listings for your general contracting business. Let’s get started today.

6 SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Be Using

93% of all web traffic comes through search engines. The question is, what are you doing to make sure your website pops up when users look up certain keywords? Whether you’re a carpenter, a constructor, or a roofer, using the following SEO tools can bring your small contractor business to a whole new level.

Read on!

1. Google Analytics

Starting off with the basics: anyone who wants to get into SEO needs to use Google Analytics. After all, 92% of the search engine market share worldwide belongs to Google.

With Google Analytics, you’ll have access to a series of metrics that will let you know how your website is going and what you can work on.

The search engine giant also has other tools that are worth checking, such as Google Trends, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Search Console.

2. Ahrefs

A big part of having a successful small business is keeping an eye on your competition and Ahrefs allows you to do just that.

By getting insights into what other small contractors are doing in terms of SEO, you can better understand what works and what doesn’t and make decisions based on that.

3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro offers several features that are essential for creating an SEO strategy. You can use it to do your keyword research, track your rankings, audit your websites, and more.

Moz also has many useful resources for SEO beginners.

Up until now, your focus was on becoming an expert in your contracting area and, with Moz, you can expand your business knowledge and learn about all things SEO.

4. Portent’s Title Generator

Creating good titles for your website’s pages isn’t always an easy task, especially if writing isn’t your forte.

Portent’s Title Generator can help you with that: all you need to do is submit a keyword and this free tool will generate title suggestions, making sure they’re both creative and optimized.

5. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is another free, beginner-friendly SEO tool and it’s great to make sure you always create useful content.

Using it couldn’t be simpler: you submit a keyword and, in return, you get a series of questions about said keyword.

Based on that, you can start crafting the content for your pages.

6. Screaming Frog

Last but not least, Screaming Frog is a website crawler and, like many others, it is free to use.

Now, you might be wondering… what exactly is a website crawler?! In order for you to know what your SEO strategy should include, you need to know what needs to be improved and that’s exactly the type of information that Screaming Frog gives you.

From broken links to duplicated pages or missing metadata, you’ll know exactly what you need to work on.

Using SEO Tools to Boost Your Contractor Business

Knowing which local SEO tools you should pick will give you access to a lot of relevant data, which you’ll be able to use in order to grow your small contractor business.

If you need some help with your SEO strategy (or digital marketing overall), we’d love to give you a hand.‍

Send us a message!