Benefits of Content Marketing for Contractors

What is the Difference Between Content Strategy and Content Marketing?

You may have heard this from other marketers and have gotten confused about some of the phrasing.

Although similar, content marketing for contractors and content strategy for contractors are two separate entities, therefore, providing their own unique set of values.

Let’s jump in.

Defining Content Strategy

According to, content strategy deals with the internal processes of your content and how you want your audience to perceive the information that you are providing to them.

That is why as a contracting business it is important to define your core values and unique value propositions within your overall business goals.

These are important because they will tailor how you will write and publish your content for your readers. Think about strategy as the overall goal you are trying to achieve within your current marketing goals.

Defining Content Marketing

Content marketing deals with how you produce content to your website. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Info graphics
  • Downloadable Guides

In fact, content marketing generates 3 times more leads than other channels of marketing like billboards or TV ads.

Now how can you tie both content strategy and content marketing into your business goals? Simple, turn the vision of the content strategy and content marketing and turn it into a content marketing strategy.

Hire us and we can develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will help build your web traffic.

Developing the Benefits of Content Marketing for Contractors

Create a Foundation of Trust

Creating and constructing content that provides value to your readers will be a good starting point to laying a foundation of trust with your content.

Building trust with your readers through easy-to-digest content will help speed up the intake process

These do not have to be constricted to a certain way of delivering the information but instead can involve a number of different methods. Some can include:

  • DIY home project videos
  • How-to blog posts
  • Product Reviews

Creating informative information that does not contain a lot of erroneous information will help customers understand the value of your services and how they will be communicated with. Establishing trust early in the content marketing strategy will be essential to developing that informative content.

Define Your Audience

Understanding your readers and the demographics (age, sex, gender, etc.) will help curate the type of content that you develop.

Defining this early on, like age and income, for example will help qualify leads early on in the sales funnel.

By defining your audience and curating a content marketing strategy around certain contractor marketing services that you provide will help with getting readers to submit a form, make a phone call or ask for directions on your Google My Business listing.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

First, you need to understand your business goals and the areas of your business where you would like to grow the most. Below are simple steps to developing a rounding out the content marketing strategy.


Setting goals helps understand what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to increase your organic traffic? Create a stronger brand awareness through a social media campaign? Defining goals will help round out the content that is being produced and save you some time.

Keyword Research

Keyword research looks at the different search queries and search volume surrounding those keywords.

Pro Tip: Use Content Gap to find out what topics your competitors are producing compared to your website


Understanding who you are speaking to will allow you write towards your audience. Look at your web traffic and find out the demographics that are reading or viewing your content on your website.

Then, you can define your target audience and gear your strategy towards this audience.

Create Content Banks

Content banks take some time to compile but will help you in the long-term when it comes to publishing content on a consistent basis. Look at industry experts and keyword research that targets high search volume / low competition or high competition / high search volume. Mixing up the content will take a higher-level of thinking but can create high quality content that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Quality Content

Based on my experience in search marketing I have found that quality content converts at a higher rate. Quality content for general contracting services can include:

  • Statistics
  • Higher word count
  • Relevancy
  • Creating unique content based on your experience working the industry

When it comes to thinking of quality content – think about what you provide (unique value propositions) that your competitors content doesn’t.

Re-optimizing Your General Contracting Content

General contractor content matures over time and requires time to go back and find different opportunities to improve the content.

Have a high performing page that generates a lot of traffic? Insert a form that will increase your leads and insert some keywords, but don’t keyword stuff your content!

Hire The Webmasons to Create a Content Strategy

The Webmasons have experience developing content marketing strategies for general contractors. We can help identify opportunities and develop a plan to increase your web leads. Contact us today.

**Select the primary service you would like more information about. If you are interested in multiple service levels tell us about it below.
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